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Java Training

Unfortunately I only had time for 4 pomodoros (1h55′) but I made some progress with my sleep app. I was able to successfully increase the separation of concerns. I had a class getting bloated with methods dealing with too many variations of queries to the DB.

In terms of user interface, for the first time I was able to switch between scenes on JavaFX, which gives me an infinite amount of possibilities to deal with the data. I’ll keep trying to perfect the sleep app for about a week before starting another one.

What I have in mind for the next app is very simple. I’ll track and store data related to the amount of time I study. It will be a very simple app that will store data from a session upon its end. An interesting challenge. Sessions still look scary to me and I’m not even sure it’s possible to do it without the use of some framework. I’d like to study java for at least another couple of months before trying to learn a frame work. But I might start using libraries like Apache before that

Religion and Politics

Today I had a somewhat heated discussion with my mom over philosophy and religion. We have fundamentally different views of metaphysics and whenever we go down that road it doesn’t end well. I have to promise myself I’ll refrain to debate religion with her or anyone. There’s nothing to gain from it. Especially considering that everyone will perish regardless of their faith (or lack thereof).


The last few podcasts I listened to were all from successful businessmen. I diversified a bit listening to Karlie Kloss (episode 307). She’s a supermodel in her twenties. I wasn’t expecting to identify with much of her trajectory but as soon as the podcast started, surprise! She’s a coder! haha. And not only that. She has a company that runs bootcamps for girls aged 13-18. Tell me about having an impact in the world. Enabling thousands of young girls to learn what many believe to be the next literacy. Fantastic stuff.
Obviously her thinking and world views aren’t as sophisticated as most of the interviewees of Tim’s podcast but I did extract a few good points

  • Considerations about learning to code and opening a company
  • Having a “who to talk to” list and not just a “to do” list
  • The importance of staying grounded and disciplined even after becoming extremely successful


I have to create the habit of napping more often. My least productive time of the day is from 2-5. I feel extremely sluggish, especially in the days where I wake up from 3:30 to 5:30. I used to think a full-fledged “siesta” was necessary, but after having done it a couple of times I realise a “power nap” is reinvigorating enough to make me way more focused from the afternoon on.

Today’s Inputs

  • A small video about uses of Raspberry PI
  • A scary article about a handful of deaths of black men by hanging in America recently. Too much of a coincidence in my opinion.

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