The UQ Dream

I had a great day despite not having too much time to code. I only coded for a little bit, not working on any particular project but following along the book “Head First Java“. I haven’t coded properly in about 5 days but I’m not overly concerned. The volume will increase again once I’m all settled in my new home.

I did caught up with two friends, which is one of the things I like to do the most. Cultivating relationships is absolute priority from now on. Somehow I didn’t have the headspace for that before, maybe feeling I didn’t have much to offer due to my generally low energy. Now being a PERMANENT RESIDENT (I love these words), I have the impression I have a lot more to give and I’m nurturing friendships that hopefully will last forever.

I’ve also started looking into study options and I realised that financially my dream of going back to university is not as far as it initially seemed. If I take the minimum amount of credits the possibility of starting fresh at Uni as early as in the first semester of 2021 is real. And I want to go to the UQ. Maybe I’m being naive and it’s impossible to get in there at my age, but something fascinates me about St. Lucia’s UQ Campus (not even sure the computer science course is down there, lol). But that’s my intention, my short term goal. Computer Science at the UQ. I like the sound of that.

Ok it’s 9:22pm, time to go to bed. I want to implement the habit of winding down and preparing the next day instead of just going to bed whenever I feel tired. And that’s what I’ll do now. Wrap-up the day, organise the space, go over tomorrow’s calendar and get things ready for the start of a successful Tuesday. We’re back to the studio teaching solo-dancing classes tomorrow, the first time after Covid-19 quarantine, and I can’t wait to teach in person again.

Back tomorrow!

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