Posting a bit late today because I’m working in the morning. As I said a few times I’m very lucky to be able to keep working. Millions of people in Australia aren’t able to work with the new restrictions to businesses and gatherings. Hopefully the money I’m making now will provide resources for me to survive until the end of this crisis without going into debt. I’m predicting everything will be back to normal in about 2 months max.


I only had about 3 hours of free time for coding and I continued pushing through Lesson 7, this time studying the ArrayLists. I still don’t quite understand the difference between Lists and ArrayLists but hopefully that will come with time. I did understand some differences between Arrays and ArrayLists. ArrayLists are more versatile. They have way more methods and possibilities. And they are soooo much fun to deal with. I’m loving the challenges provided by CodeGym.


I’m still listening to the same podcast as yesterday. Jocko’s Podcast Episode 216 about Reg Curtis’ book, Memory Endures. Some unbelievable combat descriptions. I highly recommend you take a look at it.

Now time to go back to work so hopefully I’ll shut up and code in the afternoon.

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