I love arrays

Yesterday I couldn’t code for as many hours as I wanted, but for a good reason. I was working from 12 to 830pm. As I’ve been saying, every work hour these days is extremely valuable. It was a big day with lots of video recording and live streaming of dance classes and it felt good to go out of isolation and meet work mates. However it was very sad to be the usually booming Boundary Street in West End, Brisbane, completely empty. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime situation, very very weird.

Studying Arrays

All the time I had to study was dedicated to arrays. I just love working with them, don’t ask me why. And the more I understand how Java handles them, the more I like it. There’s still a long way to go, though. The course I’m doing has 4 Levels, with 10 lessons each. And I’m only on lesson 7 of Level 1. I can’t wait to learn everything that’s ahead of me.


My current podcast companion is Jocko’s Podcast – Episode 216, about Reg Curtis’ book: “Memory Endures, The Story of a Grenadier Guardsman and Pioneer of the Parachute Regiment, 1937-1945”. It’s a fantastic story. This man has seen unbelievable amounts of action in World War II. This episode is another one of those that helps us keep perspective of how good our lives are even amidst the craziness of Covid-19.

Now Shut Up and Code!!

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