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This Saturday was very productive in terms of Study. Even though I got stuck in one exercise, I always consider that the hours spent trying to crack down a challenge are worth it. I don’t consider it wasted time at all. It’s a form a training, just as going to the gym (which I also did yesterday, leg day, hurra!).

Having said that, I’m still struggling to understand what the “static” modifiers do. I’ll spend sometime looking into it today and hopefully I’ll finish Lesson 6. Lesson 7 is about arrays, which I love, so I’m looking forward to it, but I understand it might have to wait till tomorrow.

Today fortunately I’ll get back to work, running online classes for my dance studio. In these extremely uncertain Covid-19 days, every dime will important for survival until this is all over.


One of the good things about CodeGym is that they give good tips for articles and books and I’m already creating a little digital library with the books I want to read. I’d love to have the hard copies but they’re incredibly expensive, so I’ll stick to the pdf versions. My list so far:

  • Thinking in Java – Bruce Eckel
  • Head First Java – Kathy Sierra
  • Clean Code – Robert C. Martin

Ok, now back to studying!

Shut up and code, Pablo!

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