Studying Arrays in Java

Unfortunately yesterday I couldn’t dedicate a lot of hours to coding due to work things I had to do. The total hours spent banging my head against Java were only about four. I made some progress and did all the exercises in the “Objects” chapter of the course, but got stuck in the last one, where I had to create an input inside an loop. I’ve done that before, so that’s ok, but the exercise also involved pushing the inputs into an array to do an operation with them. I’m hoping to learn that today.

Good News

Looks like the dance studio I work for was able to keep many of its customers and we’re going to start having classes online just to keep people in the program. I know it’s not a long term solution for partner dancing, but at least money will keep dripping in to help us all survive until this is all over.

However that means I might not sprint to finish Section 1 of the Java course, which has 10 chapters that are increasingly complex. So I’ll allow myself two weeks instead of one to complete it. I don’t want to make the same mistake I did in my first Javascript course where I finished the course very fast and later I realised I didn’t retain much.

Scary Numbers

We had 90 cases of Covid-19 in Queensland in the last couple of days, which is a significant increase. Apparently night clubs were packed with young people last night and malls were very busy with elderly. It seems like many people aren’t taking this too seriously in my area. Let’s hope we’re not punished with a dramatic increase in the numbers as it’s happening in Europe.

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