I’m writing at 5:35 am. My sleep is all over the place at the moment. A few days ago I went to bed at 4am, then at 3, then at 1 and last night at 11. I have to find some stability with my sleep to assure my brain is always nice and fresh to absorb all I need to learn to become a developer.

Yesterday was a day of self-doubt. The voice inside my head kept saying that maybe I’m too old to be trying to become a software engineer. The problem is that I’m not only doing this to change careers. I’m doing it because I love programming. Yeah, the prospect of making a lot of money does contribute to my drive. But money is far from being the biggest motivation for my programming challenge.

Learning about objects

In yesterday’s studies, I spent all of my time with Java, finishing the loops chapter and going into objects. I new the concept of objects from my javascript studies, but I still find it fascinating. I love to deal with data and the possibility objects allow for data handling.


My source of input at the moment is Jocko Podcast’s most recent episode with Jonny Kim. This guy is a former navy seal, a doctor and an astronaut. Whaaaat? His story is fascinating and if anyone ever read this blog I highly recommend you listen to it: The Unimaginable Path of Jonny Kim.


Today I’ll only have the morning free, so I’ll use my power hours to get a lot of coding done. I’ll try to go as far as possible with the objects and hopefully even get done with Chapter 5.

Now shut up and code, dude!

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