Java Certification

Yesterday I found out there’s a Java Certification! I still haven’t done heavy research about it, but it seems like a nice goal to have. I’m not sure how much having a certification improves my chances of getting a job, but even if it doesn’t, I love the intellectual challenge. The subscription to educational material offered by Oracle has unrealistic prices for me, so I’m not going down that road, but I’ll definitely stick to Java in 2020.

The main area of study of yesterday was for and while loops. Before going to sleep I got stuck in an exercise where I had to create an input inside a loop, which is very interesting. Can’t wait to find out how that works today.

I was also able to go to the gym for the second day in a row, which is a huge accomplishment after 8 days of no gym due to my flu.

For today, I want to do a solid 8 pomodoros of Java and potentially touch on a couple of WordPress projects I’m developing for friends. Hopefully go to the gym to keep the good run and that’s about it. I apologise (to myself) for posting 1130am instead of 9am as promised but I didn’t want to use an alarm clock because I want to get all sleep I can during this break but I ended up sleeping for nine hours! My body probably needed it.

Now shut up and code!

Back tomorrow.

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