Month: March 2020


Posting a bit late today because I’m working in the morning. As I said a few times I’m very lucky to be able to keep working. Millions of people in Australia aren’t able to work with the new restrictions to businesses and gatherings. Hopefully the money I’m making now will provide resources for me to …

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Thinking in C

Yesterday I started reading Bruce Eckel’s “Thinking in Java“, and in the first part of the book whoever learns C will have a much easier time learning Java and C++. I decided I’ll add C to my studies. My main learning will still be Java, using CodeGym platform, but I’ll also study the Thinking in …

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Java Books

This Saturday was very productive in terms of Study. Even though I got stuck in one exercise, I always consider that the hours spent trying to crack down a challenge are worth it. I don’t consider it wasted time at all. It’s a form a training, just as going to the gym (which I also …

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