Building My First App

After a month and a half learning Angular, I’ve decided to build my first web app. It will be a platform for people to learn brazilian portuguese. That means I’ll be combining two of my biggest passions: Languages and Coding.

The idea is to create clever games for people to memorise key concepts in brazilian portuguese. It will start very small with just a small words game that will test the user’s knowledge of key brazilian portuguese words. I love this project because it’s extremely useful, it has a well-established niche, it will demand the practice of very important concepts in Angular, such as Material and advanced concepts of state management with RxJS and NgRx and above all, it’s extremely scalable.

I don’t have a clear idea of how exactly things are going to be in the app, but I’ll be able to fine tune the app with the help of a few friends that are interested in learning portuguese. I’ll ask for feedback on user experience. In the ideal world it will be a product that I’ll be able to sell. But as Tim Ferriss often says, you should choose a project based on the skills you learn and the networking potential and my choice will be incredibly helpful in terms of skills. Which means that even If I never sell my app, I’ll have learned a lot.

I’ll give myself a deadline of one month to have a webservice ready to sell. Recently I realised the importance of setting audacious deadlines for oneself when creating a small website for a client (my first paid gig). A tight deadline makes you work in a very focused way and it increases productivity. It’s one of the lessons I learned from the book “Mastery”.

I’ll be posting my progress twice a week in this blog. I love the idea of posting everyday but it just means wasting a lot of time I could be using to code. I want to learn as fast as I can throughout 2020 so I can eventually combine coding with another passion of mine: Teaching. I love the possibilities Udemy offers and I get very good feedback from my dance teaching. I’d love to transfer those skills into coding. But obviously I can’t teach something I don’t know very well. So I’ll be pushing myself to get to that level in 2020. I’ll learn a lot about Angular and product development. Exciting times ahead!!!

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