January Review

January was a very important month. I found out I want to be an Angular developer and dove deep into its intricacies. I didn’t really appreciate all Angular has to offer before reading a lot about its differences in relation to other technologies and after going going back to straight HTML for a little project to learn Sass.

I did feel overwhelmed in the beginning and had to start from scratch, taking it a little bit easier and trying to really learn every concept before moving to the next one. If you have gaps in the understanding of how a basic building block of Angular works, it will catch up with you later on.

Obviously I still don’t have the fluency to just sit down and right code without relying on my checklists, but I’m really happy with my progress. I have a basic understanding of how the frame work operates. Seems to me like the features I have to learn from now on are built on top of the foundation I created in January.

I decided to create a budget app and document in detail the process of building it so I can have it as my own blueprint for the creation of Angular Apps. I decided for the budget app because it scratches my own itch (I never found a free app with all the characteristics I wanted and because it will serve as a good apprenticeship project to get into enterprise level projects in the future. It has a huge amount of data, that I have to collect, modify and display and it will also allow me to interact with calendars, which are a big feature in most enterprise apps.

  • In February I want to:
  • Make progress in the creation of reactive forms
  • Create fluency in dealing with firebase
  • Learn more about styling of an Angular app with Angular Material
  • Better understand pipes
  • Learn authentication and Route Protection in Angular
  • Learn how to deploy an Angular App

I’ve also established a nice workflow and created/modified routines that allow me to stay efficient at work while carving out the hours to study. The book “The Power of Habit” was a game changer. I’ll probably read it many times to internalise it. But now I came across an even better book: “Mastery”, by Robert Greene. I’ve only read about 10% of it and I can already tell it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it to anyone learning anything or anyone interested in self-growth. Fantastic stuff. I’ll write more about it later.

Some metrics that I want to beat this Month:

  • Gym: 21 Sessions + 2 Cardio
  • Classes taught: 55
  • Pomodoros of coding: 205, which means an average of 3h10′ of coding per day.

I’ll aggressively work to increase that to at least 4 hours a day. I need to decrease my rest periods and cram my non-essential activities into shorter chunks of time to free up more time fore coding. Plus I have to increase the quality of these pomodoros. I think about 10-15% of them weren’t free of distraction. That has to change. Any pomodoro will have to be 100% free of distractions. Looking forward to next month!

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