My First Algorithm!!

Yesterday was an awesome day. I put together my first piece of algorithm!! The decision to go back to javascript fundamentals was absolutely correct. I started from scratch, taking lots of notes and not moving forward unless I understood the previous concepts. Lots of things make way more sense now than six months ago when I first did this course. It’s very exciting to thing of what it’s going to be like in another six months when I look back If I continue with this approach.

I learned to display data on html from javascript, which is extremely useful in webdesign, using Template Literals. I also tried to solve a long standing problem of mine, which is to log the hours I sleep and give me the average of a certain period of time effortlessly. I’m pretty sure it’s a little monster of a piece of code and I’ll laugh about it later but I’m very proud. It was the first time I created an algorithm without the help of any tutorials. I just used what I was learning on this course: Modern Javascript From The Beginning (highly recommend it).

I can’t recommend this enough. Brad Traversy has great teaching style and it’s like he’s talking to a buddy when you’re learning from him. 🙂 Today my objective is to learn how to get the user input from html and receive back my average sleep hours. The next step will be to log it into a database using Node.js.

It just feels great to have written orders to a computer for the first time. I really feel like a programmer! Haha. Not a pro programmer yet, because I’m not getting paid, but definitely a programmer. More than learning the language, I’m learning how to think when building something, which seems to be one of the most important things to learn.

Well, shut up and code Pablo! Time to get back to work.

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