Starting Javascript From Scratch

I’ve got tons of time in the next couple of weeks and after doing some stuff with Angular, typescript and trying to learn Sass and get more familiar with Node, I feel it’s time to concentrate my efforts in learning Javascript properly.

The first thing I did when I decided to pursue programming was a Javascript course at Coder Academy and I did learn a lot there, but I also remember having this anxiety to keep pushing and trying to finish the course quickly.

Having had to go out there into the real production world and creating websites, it became clear that not knowing javascript properly is a liability and I can only go so far without knowing it properly. Now that I’m planning to go deeper into Angular to create more sophisticated applications, it will be very important to have some experience in JS, with more theory, more projects and understanding every line of code I ever write, pacing myself.

At 37 I have this sense of urgency, but the reality is that without good fundamentals, I’m not going too far. And also, “we overestimate what can be done in a day and underestimate what can be done in a few years”. I love this phrase I came across at a couple of “Tim Ferriss” podcasts and I have to apply it’s wisdom here.

I have huge plans for the coming decade and I’ll be coming back to discuss them here. One of them is to post more frequently haha.

See you soon!

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