I love shadows

Since my last post I’ve published my first two websites. The first is a very simple static page for a small accounting company in the South of Brazil, which I’m quite proud of. I think the result is pretty decent for a first attempt. Here’s the address. http://contabilidadeportoalegre.com.br/. I used straight html and CSS with flexbox. The most complicated feature was the rotating banner using javascript.

The second one is for a book author that wants to promote his book on a static webpage. For this one I used bootstrap for the first time (and loved it), and started playing with fonts. I still have to figure out browser compatibility as it’s slightly misadjusted in my android. Plus for both websites I can already see stuff I can do to improve the design.

I found out about SHADOWS!! haha. I’m such a noob! But the reality is that a simple shadow effect makes a huge difference in the looks of a header (or any text really). I’ll be using a lot of those in my new project.

My third project involves way more responsibility than the previous ones. It’s the website for a big dance event in Brisbane, which means the success of the event depends in some extent to the quality of the website. Also, it’s my first project in english and all my friends will see it. It will be the disclosure of my work to the community I live in. Plus it’s time sensitive, as the tickets for the event need to be sold and the website helps promote it. The pressure is on!!

I’m changing strategies for this blog. I’m planning to post once a week to keep consistency but without using a bunch of time I could be using with actual work. After all, this is the motto and title of this blog: Shut up and code!!!

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