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Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been succeeding in carving out time for coding. I made great progress on my Bootstrap Journey, having completed one of the projects I’m working on, a static page for the promotion of a book. It’s still not live but I think it will happen soon.

After that I went back to my previous project, the website for a small accounting business and after putting together the design part I start working on the forms. After a couple of days I figured out how to build them, but the more I learned the more I found out how much I didn’t know.

When I read this in a couple of years, it’s going to sound ridiculous, but… It turns out there are many stages of dealing with a form. The easieast one is the design. You could literally make a form in 10 minutes using basic HTML or Bootstrap. Things get slightly more complicated when trying to validate it. It took me a couple of days to figure out how to do that using javascript and then using Bootstrap alone. It turns out even the browser will help you do validation to an extent.

But digging deeper I also found out it’s important to validate forms on the server for security reasons. This is when things started getting complicated. For almost a week I’ve been working on how to get server-side validation done. I’m still not sure how it relates to deploying it and sending the data somewhere. If I’m sending the data to my e-mail, using node.js for example, do I validate it on the same file I’m using to code the e-mail stuff? Or I should use different files? I couldn’t find a tutorial that talks about all the stages of assembling and dealing with a form. At least not using javascript. I know it can be done using other languages, but for whatever reason I didn’t want to deviate from JS right now. I feel it’s better to keep digging until it clicks than to try to shift to a completely different language.

It feels great to write again!!! Be back soon I hope.

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