Back to work!

Hello! Again I got side-tracked with all my non-coding life and didn’t manage to code as much as I wanted and to keep posting in the blog. Even though my initial idea of posting daily (or close to daily) didn’t work as planned, my ‘failure’ serves as feedback for my current lack of focus in my pursuit to become a developer.

However, today is the first day of the moment and it seems like the perfect date to get back on track of writing here. The blog was always about keeping track of my discipline in regards to learning this new trade and I hope in October I’m able to do way more than I did in September. 

Two things will be very important to achieve that. Maybe I even mentioned this before in this blog, but I’m not going to read every post to check if I did: The first is to block out time in my calendar for coding and the second is to keep track of the hours I’m coding on a spreadsheet.

So as I’m showing in the below picture, I blocked 2h30 to code tomorrow. It’s not a lot of time, but it’s enough to get some stuff done and restart. I’ll come back at night and write here the overview of what I got done and some other new things that have been happening.

See you tomorrow!

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