It feels good!

Yesterday after posting on the blog I painfully restarted to code. It’s so hard to restart after stopping for a long time. That’s why we have to be really careful not to break a good habit or cut a certain flow. Going back into it can be very hard. And after so much time we can also forget how feel we good about a certain activity. About 10 minutes into coding I already felt very very good. There’s something about coding that just feels incredibly rewarding. It might be something related to dopamine releases related to trial and error. The instant and constant feedback loop is inebriating.

It also felt great to finish the draft of my first website. I made the styling for the footer. The interactions between CSS and HTML are sinking in and I feel I have it’s basic understanding down path. Tomorrow I’ll show the draft to my client and see what they think. They’ll probably ask for modifications, but I think that’s going to teach me how to interact with client’s needs and demands.

I have very restricted time to do any coding today, so I’ll try to do one hour before going to sleep to keep the average I established in the previous post. Chat later!!

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