I’m back!

Two weeks ago I wrote my last post when I was leaving for a dance event and unfortunately it was the last thing I did related to coding. After a super busy weekend without any contact with anything other than dancing, I had only a day gap before my next trip to Airlie Beach (North of Australia), for vacation and a bit of teaching. I made the mistake of not taking a laptop with me, which again made it  impossible to do anything related to computer programming. 

I have only myself to blame as I’m not being able to tailor my life in a way that allows space for learning this new skill. It’s very easy to get distracted by things that are important but aren’t PRIORITY. And how do we differentiate those? I think the easiest way is to make a priority of the things that will lead to fulfilling our long term goals. I could spend all day doing important things like cleaning, improving my budget, organising my clothes, meal prep, and they all need to be done, of course. But they don’t need to be done so much in detail that don’t leave space for anything else. 

Today is Thursday and from today until Sunday I’ll be incredibly busy with dance. So my objective will be to do at least 1 hour of coding every day. From Monday I’ll be able to increase that time as I’ll go back to my normal routine.

Now shut up and code Pablo!!

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