Still Sick

My routine is an absolute mess now due to having the flu. The pillars of human functioning (exercise, sleep, eating) have been compromised and I’m all over the place. The only positive side is that because I didn’t go to work once again this Sunday I could sit down for a few hours and work on my website.

In about 4 hours, I didn’t accomplish much, though. I fixed the position of a few boxes using flexbox and created a space above the header for the contact details of my “client”. However I didn’t do it very elegantly html-wise and it’s causing a bit of a headache. I want to tackle that today and add an address with a Google Maps feature for the footer and that’s it. I’ll be ready to show my client and start adding their content.

However I already decided that once this website is ready I’ll create the next one using bootstrap. I want to learn how to use it. It’s very common to see bootstrap references when inspecting websites.

And apparently it’s good to be learning React.js in 2019, acording to a few places I researched, so I’ll start looking into that.

Here are the videos I watched today while commuting. The first one talks about the different javascript frameworks.

The second one focus on how to find a job as a WebDev without experience.

And the last, about working as a freelancer (I didn’t finish this one)

I think I’m just past the worst phase of my flu and I had a terrible night of sleep last night, so I’ll try my best to get some coding done today.

C ya!

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