Flu :(

I had a decent day of coding this Friday, finishing the rotating banner for my website. However I was a bit disppointed the banner isn’t responsive so I’ll probably try a different approach. Apparently it can be done using jquery or bootstrap, which I haven’t used yet, so it could be good exercise.

I still don’t think I can do a lot of stuff on my own but I’m starting to understand what I need to use and when. I’m still unsure about how much code I actually need to memorise, since everything I need is always readily avaiable in my archives, but I guess I’ll figure that out soon. What’s certain is that I won’t think of speed when developing projects. I’d rather take a long time in a project and fully understand it.

This is the video that I used for the rotating banner. It was quite a long piece code, with lots of CSS/Javascript/HTML mixed together to make the banner work.

Saturday was a big day (I’m writing at the end of the day) and due to work and having the flu I couldn’t get anything done, so I’ll just have a look into one of the other possibilities for a rotating banner before I go to sleep. Not a lot of time, but it helps keep the consistency.

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