Make your bed every day!

Hello folks!! Yesterday I had a day off at work, which allowed me to put a nice 4h30 into coding. It felt great! I finally completed the skeleton of my website and started trying to create a rotating banner using javascript. That’s my goal for today. The total of hours dedicated to coding this week was 1h50′, which is not too bad, but I want to increase that by decreasing distractions.

Yesterday at the gym I watched a cool video about discipline. It’s one of my favourite topics as it’s something I’ve been struggling it and I find one of the most important values in life. Very good advice by retired Admiral William H. McRaven !

I’ve also been listening to this amazing podcast by Dan Carlin. I’m totally hooked. It’s about History and the first few episodes are about World War I. The guy is an amazing story teller. Hignly recommend it!

Now shut up and code Pablo!!

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