My first “fail” day

I didn’t do any coding yesterday! Had a massive day at work (even though it was a public holiday in Australia), and caught up on my sleep, but for the first time I started this blog I didn’t post or work on any coding. Even after sleeping for a total of 9 hours last night my average since I started this blog is only 5h40. That shows how much I needed to sleep yesterday.

Wednesday was one of those debacle days where things just cascade for the worse and nothing gets done. Eating was poor, sleeping not great, didn’t exercise or code. At least got some important stuff done at work.

Also, Tuesday I spent 2h30 solid hours working on my first website. That takes my average time coding since I started the blog to 1h30 approximately. I HAVE TO INCREASE THAT. An average of 4hs is the minimum in my opintion. By the way, I didn’t mention this, but I did have a few websites before. In my early twenties I remember having a few websites about football, porn and books. They were all made with HTML only. I remember applying CSS style that I got somewhere from the internet but that’s about it.

It felt really good to actually be doing something that will be out there in the world. I think the sense of usefulness is really important to keep me motivated for the daily grind of learning how to code. As much as I love random exercises and understand how important they are, I’ll probably try to get as much “real life” practice as possible.

This is the tutorial I used to create my first website. It doesn’t use any framework because I wanted to learn how to build something from scratch using CSS. I’ll probably be finishing it in the next few days If I don’t get distracted. I highly recommend this guy’s tutorials. His channel is called Traversy Media.

Ok, shut up and code Pablo! Goals for today: To code for at least 4 hours and get closer to finishing my website.

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