Shut up and Code

I’ll keep this post short because I want to code a lot this Monday as I finally have some free time. I finally had a solid night of sleep and my average in the last 4 days jumpe to 5h20. Still below ideal, but it will improve this week.

I could have done a better job at eating, as I’ve had chocolate in the end of the day but for the fourth consecutive day I didn’t buy it, which is great. I had 3 coffees, which is within the normal intake.

Because Sunday is my busiest day at work, I couldn’t dedicate a lot of time for coding. I did the third exercise from yesterday’s video: a program to replace the letters in a string with the next letter of the alphabet. I had previously done a similar challenge at free code camp and the solution used a “for” loop, but this time the solution used the .map method. From now on I’ll pay more attention to trying to solve the same exercise in different ways instead of jumping to the next challenge so I can develop a wider toolkit. Adding yesterday’s hour of coding took my average since the blog started to 1h30 a day.

Now shut up and code Pablo!!

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