Meeting Larry Page and Linus Torvalds

It’s a chilly Sunday morning here in Brisbane and again I had to sleep very little due to work. I had about 3 h of sleep last night. After last post I had another 2h30 in the afternoon, which takes my average to 4h25’ in the last couple of days.

Diet wise, I didn’t have sweets, except for a bit of sweet wine. I did my 10 minutes of meditation after napping, which was awesome. It has such a great impact on my day!

During commute, I watched a couple of videos of Larry Page (founder of Google), one of Linus Torvalds, a very interesting one about how to get hired by Google:

And another one with tips on how to learn coding. A couple of tips that stood out were: “Don’t memorise code”, which is something that always occurs to me when I’m tackling projects. And the other is something along the lines of: “It’s ok to get stuck in a project”. The idea is that it’s better to spend a week in a project and fully understand it than to do 7 projects in 7 days and don’t know too well what was going on. Good Stuff.

Unfortunately I had a Saturday full of work which didn’t leave me a lot of time for coding, but I’m hoping to catch up tomorrow. The amount of time dedicated to coding was 1h, which takes my average to 1h45’. I worked on two beginners javascript projects from this video: 

It does feel a bit funny to work on projects that don’t really create something, but I found that when I was creating my website I spent long hours doing CSS and HTML and not many on javascript. That’s why I’ll prioritise JS, especially on the days when I don’t have too many available hours. 

Well, time to shut up and code! 

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