Learning Git and Git Hub and getting to know Brendan Eich

It’s 735am and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night due to work and I’ll probably nap later before going to work in the afternoon but I wanted to put in a few hours of coding. Before I talk about my learning since the last post, here are a couple of details about lifestyle. 

Between napping and sleeping, in the last 2 days I had an average of 4 hours of sleep:

Thu-Fri:315am to 745am + 315pm to 430pm (6h)
Fri-Sat: 230am to 415am (1h45)
Total: 7h45

I know it’s very little sleep but I can catch up on Monday during the day. And it plus it serves the purpose of developing grit. One of my biggest problems lately has been to procrastinate to get out of bed and that has a very detrimental cascade effect.

Unfortunately I couldn’t exercise due to a busy schedule, but I’ve been consistent in the gym this week, so it doesn’t concern me. I also had a bottle of Moscato Wine + 3\4 of a big brownie, so my sugar intake was less than ideal. I almost never drink so that’s not a big deal, but the chocolate issue needs to be attacked. At least I didn’t buy it, so that makes me feel a bit better. Plus I had 3 cups of instant coffee: two while learning in the morning and one before work. 

Now shut up and code Pablo! Ok, yesterday after posting on the blog I learned the basics of Git and Git Hub. I used this excellent tutorial:

It sounds like the type of tool I’ll be using a lot. It didn’t seem very hard, at least for the basic purposes of version control and cloud storage. Only time will tell. I didn’t do any coding, only learning in the morning and watching videos while commuting. The total hands-on time dedicated to programming was 2h30.

I watched a presentation about the history of Javascript by it’s creator Brendan Eich:

And a wider range interview with him about computer science:

The jargon is still way above my head but I love to watch these things regardless so I can have a better view of the big picture while getting used to the way these great computer science think. Brendan isn’t a great orator but his passion is very inspiring. It sounds like this man lives and breathes what he does for a living. When he speaks, it doesn’t sound like work. He truly loves it. I’ll be following him around. 

The last thing I watched was half a javascript tutorial for beginners:

I’m still going to hammer beginners tutorials for a while. I still don’t feel I have a good grasp of the basics. I still have to think a lot and search my notes before writing any piece of code. My plan for the next couple of days is to solve some easy challenges that involve the stuff I want to get good at, such as loops and conditionals and apply to a web page I’m creating. I’ll explain this project later. 

So that’s it for now!! It’s a beautiful day outside, it feels like the Winter is leaving us and the Spring is almost here. Sounds like a great day for coding! I’ll be back tomorrow morning. 

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