“Set up the alarm clock”

— Jocko Willink.

Hi there!! It’s a beautiful Friday morning in Brisbane Australia! Even though I’ve been learning how to code for a while now, I’ll call today “Day One” because I’m starting this morning to reshape my life around my goal.

The first thing I needed to changed was my sleeping habits. I’ve been going to bed from 3 to 5am and waking up around mid day and that was affecting my mood, as I felt like I was missing the mornings. There’s a freshness in the mornings that I don’t want to miss anymore. Plus that meant I only had a few hours before starting to work, which meant I could only learn after work, when I’m already tired and not absorbing information so well.

With my new routine I want to close my calendar to pretty much anything other than coding and meditating from 8am to at least 2pm. I did sleep at 315am last night but just pushed myself to wake up using an alarm clock and reshaped my sleeping the hard way .

The second thing I want to fix is my diet. I do eat healthy but I have a bit of a carbs problem. Often times I can’t resist the urge for late night chocolate. Also, I eat too much fruit (in my porridge in the morning) plus a few more during the day if I’m available. There’s nothing wrong with fruit but at least in my case it contributes to sluggishness. When I tried low carbs diet I was alert for way longer than normal. Not sure what science has been saying about it.

The plan for my coding day is to learn how to use Git and work on a freecodecamp javascript challenge: Telephone Number Validator . It’s a nice challenge that involves a lot of RegEx, something I recently find out I need to understand really well. I won’t be posting tonight, but definitely tomorrow morning.

See you on the other side!

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