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I'm Pablo Souza

Hi! I’m Pablo, a Brazilian self-taught software engineer based in Sunshine Coast, Australia. I’m a junior software developer at EB Games Australia.¬†

I love cappuccino. And I love to code. I created this website to showcase my work, my blog and the coding tutorials I’ll be creating soon. It made sense to blend my two passions into my branding. ūüôā

I’m passionate about learning and teaching. Coming from a teaching background, I love to help people in their journey, especially in the murky “getting started” waters.

I’ve been coding since mid-2019 and I’m specialising in ASP.NET CORE in the back-end, with Angular/Ionic in the front-end and Azure for databases, hosting and cloud services.¬†

I’m also a WordPress Developer, specialised in Elementor, catering for those who want to manage the website themselves, without having to depend on a developer.¬†


My work


Sep 2021 Corefit Health and Nutrition
Fitness Business

Website for a fitness business based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Made with WordPress and Elementor

August 2021 Book Author
Victor Almeida


Landing page for a book author based in Brasil. Made with WordPress and Elementor

May 2021 Ionic App
Shift Tracker Web App


App created with Ionic, deployed with Azure, with Firebase authentication.

My first full stack app!! It allows you to track and filter through your shifts

Mar 2021 Dance Therapy Business
Women's Work



Website for a Dance Therapy Business, made with WordPress and Elementor and linking to Eventbrite for ticket purchasing.

Dec 2020 This Portfolio
Cappuccino Codes


I created this website with WordPress and Elementor to showcase my portfolio, my blog and the beginner tutorials I'm creating in the near future. 

June 2020 Dance Teachers
Juliana & Rafael


Website for my friends and coworkers, latin dance professionals Rafael and Juliana. They wanted to manage it themselves, hence it was created with WordPress and Elementor.

December 2019 Dance Event
Doudoule Dance Camp


Initially created with Bootstrap 4, Sass, I migrated the project to WordPress so client could easily manage content. 

Sep 2019 Accounting Business
C & C


My first coded website. It was created for a small accounting business in Porto Alegre/Brazil, using html, vanilla CSS, and vanilla JS for the banner carrousel 


My work


01 Jan 2020 Extra Label
Apr 2021 Ionic App
Mar 2021 Dance Therapy Business
Dec 2020 This Portfolio
June 2020 Dance Teachers
December 2019 Dance Event
Sep 2019 Accounting Business


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Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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+61 432 861 938